About Me  

I really don't like to talk about myself. I am a lot more interested in other people, what interests them, what opinions they, have what drives them!

Nonetheless, I am Fingerz, a British photographer from the amazing city, LONDON, England! And now, I am currently in the gorgeous country of Chile!
I am a photographer and I am also a professional musician and producer, having gigged extensively all over the United Kingdom and in the United Sates with a diverse range of musicians and producers!

Music and Photography are my creative outlets and my ways of expressing myself. I have grown to relish the challenge of meeting new people and working out how to bring the best out of them in the short time we have together! I genuinely like people as funny as that sounds. I LOVE seeing people being and expressing themselves naturally and capturing THAT moment. That is basically the goal of my work. It drives me crazy happy when I look at the images I shot and see emotions, expressions whether sadness, happiness, shock, elation. All these and more are windows into someone's life, heart and mind and I CRAVE capturing these moments through the camera lens.

So, I am currently working in Chile and it has been a life changing experience! From learning a new language (Spanish) to meeting people I never thought I would meet and being able to live in a different context and culture, it has changed how I am from the inside out.
Born in England, I also have lived in Kenya, so living in Chile now really expands my mind and creative juices as well as opportunities and new visions and goals. It also means that travelling to shoot is not a problem! Whichever part of this world you live in, GET IN TOUCH and let's work something out!

I want YOU to feel comfortable with my work and my approach. Photography is more than just work for me (although everyone needs to get paid!)
I absolutely love hunting for ways to express what I see through the lens of a camera. I always tell my clients that I shoot first for *ME* because I know that if I love what I see, then YOU will without doubt love it too! This is passion FIRST.

Keep in touch with me as my work is going to expand and you wouldn't want to not be a part of it!

Thank you.